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Tennis with the Alzheimer's Group

           held at the Cricket Club


 Committee  members  Alistair Cross, Eleanor McGlashan,  Edna Oliver went along to the Cricket Club to take part in the Alzheimer's Group which meets at the Cricket Club once a month.

Small nets , red balls and racquets  encouraging the group to play simple tennis.

It was a great success and we have been invited back to take par                   Family Day on Sat 31st August.

Beavers Visit

On the !st October - 16 Beavers visited Laurieston Tennis Club.

Eleanor took the class assisted by  Edna along with some parents & leaders.

The weather stayed dry and overall the beavers enjoyed it .... it was a great success.

Beaver 4.jpeg
Beaver 3.jpeg
Beaver 5.jpg
Beaver 1.jpg
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